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About Our App

AI Buddy is Salesforce Manage Package App. AI Buddy is a friend of Einstein. It allows you to work with Einstein in admin style. You need to just click and go.
Start building your AI system with Einstein in an easy way without coding.

No Code

Start building your AI system with salesforce Einstein without code.

AI in Clicks

Each step for building your AI is just some clicks away. Start creating your dataset and models in less than 10 seconds.

Try It

Test AI models with test tool of AI Buddy.

How The App Works?


Create your salesforce einstein account. Download the einstein key file.


Upload the key file to AI Buddy app.

Create Dataset

Create a dataset using the dataset URL in 5-second configuration.


Start training for your model in just one click.


Test your model with the Testing tool of AI Buddy.

Our Pricing Options

This is a free app.

Free Plan


Per Organization

  • Dataset Creation
  • Train the Model
  • Test the Model
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